Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong explains why Nikki went home.

on May 9, 2008

The fact that Nikki openly admitted she hasn't made mayonnaise by hand in years, gave me the squinty eye too. Really? No, REALLY? Dale's little temper tantrum at the end startled not only the other chefs but production too. (How could you not love Antonia at his point?) Dale's a great guy when he's out of the kitchen but I get his team's frustration with having to work side by side with someone who's constantly looking down at you (key word being team). I also understand his position of being with a team that is neither organized nor cohesive.


Catering a wedding is no joke. I can honestly say I've never had great food at a wedding, and I learned a lot from my own mistakes in our Season One wedding debacle. Corey and JP were awfully brave to offer up their special day to our chefs. Production loved the fact that Corey was all meat and potatoes. I think Richard, Antonia, Andrew, and Stephanie really did a great job in not only listening to the bride, but they also elevated hearty, classic American cuisine to fit the occasion. I remember working my 14 hours overnight. We were delirious by the time morning came, because if you hadn't noticed, we started the day early with a Quickfire, same as this season. Assigning Stephanie and Lisa solely to the cake was a good idea, and because of our own cake fiasco, I made sure they were prepared this time, supplying them with plenty of cake pans, fondant, and decorating tools, things we did not have during our challenge. Stephanie's jab at our cake mix was funny, but she had the advantage of seeing our anguish beforehand on TV. Had she been in our position, going through it for the first time, it may have been different. Even Tom had to agree after the fact that the cake mix was a good idea. It's just that we botched the cake up in so many other ways. Lisa's cake was akin to an ugly Mayan temple, but it was absolutely delicious. In the end, Richard's team had the better food, plain and simple and I find it admirable how he shared the prize with Stephanie.