Lee Anne Wong

Find out who Lee Anne Wong diagnoses with "café-itis."

on Apr 16, 2008


Had I had to live in that house with Spike, I would've probably started hiding his ridiculous hats after the first week. Maybe grab one and hide it in the basement closet. Or put another one on the roof. I mean, you could have a thousand places to hide his hats in that house. What a constant source of entertainment! (Honestly, there's not much else to do.)

I remember hearing through the production grapevine about Jen's sobbing in interview about how Zoi's the love of her life and blah blah blah. Personally I think it's great that they were both brave and secure enough as a couple to agree to do the show together. But the crying on camera? Dude, she's not dying. She just gets to go home earlier. She can water the plants and feed the cat.

I think it's positively fascinating how Lisa doesn't consider herself to be a negative person so Dale must be the problem. I actually commend Dale for standing by his opinion. "Sorry I yelled at you for being a bitch, but you're still a bitch." It is extremely hard to live day and night with someone who oozes negative energy and I recall quite vividly how that affected my relationship with Tiffani while we were on the show together. Things between us are of course worlds better now as we have both matured since our experience on the show, and she's doing really well and is much happier these days. Lisa was always relatively nice and respectful to me (when she wasn't complaining) but she's the one in the fishbowl so I would often witness or hear about her interactions in the kitchen and home with the other contestants. But whereas I would compare Lisa's level of unpleasantness to a disgruntled dog, Tiffani, at the time, was more like a really pissed off jungle cat with really big teeth and really sharp claws. Either way, the vibe sucks.