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Lee Anne Wong

Thank You and Good Night.

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. Far and away the most exciting finale in Top Chef history, it was truly anyone’s game. I haven’t seen the episode yet, so I am writing from memory, the Wong point of view. The producers, Tom, and I set the...
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Full Circle

I filmed finale a little over a month ago. To me, it was slightly sentimental, as I hadn’t been back to Napa since I had been eliminated four years ago, and this was to be my last two episodes as the culinary producer for the show. On Team...
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The Pinnacle

Sorry for my absence — been on the road again, starting with filming the finale for season 6. I’ll breeze over the past few episodes, and finally, here we are at the Wynn, at Alex Restaurant, with The Bocuse d’Or panel, Gavin Kaysen, and one of...
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In the Bag

Don’t ask me about Cookstr. Again, it’s one of those challenges where I’m like, “This makes no sense, but I’ll go with it”. Sponsors. It goes hand in hand with what Tom and I would like to tell the contestants every season; even if the challenge...
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Dry and Dusty Days

Another doozy of an episode— “camping” I knew, would not be enjoyed by the contestants. Let’s start with the Quickfire. Cactus is not really a common ingredient, and not many contestants had worked with it previously. Having spent many years...
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Culinary Gods and Unicorns

This episode is one of those episodes I was talking about; the ones where I felt that Top Chef had reached a pinnacle in culinary television and I could leave feeling completely satisfied. Beyond that, what a thrill for me to meet the man, the...
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De’ plane! De’ plane!

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Chef Mark Peel on Top Chef Masters. What a great guy! Our EP, Liz, thought it was so amusing to have Mark Peel for our potato challenge. It’s little things like that that get us through the day...
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