Marcel Vigneron

Marcel Vigneron on what it takes to get to the finale.

on Sep 24, 2007

I'm writing this blog from an airplane and haven't slept in over 32 hours, so when all of you nitpicking English majors want to correct my grammar, just keep that in mind. I would also like to add the fact that I am single-handedly writing this blog. There are no PAs, agencies, publicists, ghost bloggers or anything like that; it's just me, my misspelling, and an attempt at conveying my point of view.

So, is it me or is this season getting better and better through its progression? Not only is it improving from the culinary aspect, but also the competition is beginning to get fierce and therefore the drama is starting to develop, which as we all know makes for much more interesting TV.

I loved this Quickfire challenge for several reasons, but first and foremost: Le Cirque and Sirio Maccioni -- need I say more?! No, but obviously I will let you know why this challenge meant so much to me. You see, I recently had the opportunity to meet and cook for Sirio in the Dominican Republic at his newly acquired restaurant El Pescator at Casa de Campo. He offered me a position as the chef de cuisine working for his Executive Chef Paulie Scordino (whom I know quite well and have the utmost respect for). Unfortunately, I had to decline, although I have decided to stay on as a part-time consultant. Therefore, I too have had the opportunity to cook and discuss food for and with this fabulous man whom is the epitome of "style, grace, and elegance". Furthermore I am quite familiar with how high his quality standards are.

So I wasn't surprised to see that in this setting of Le Cirque New York with the challenge of recreating a classic French dish that my boy Hung seemed to really excel. He asked poignant and intelligent questions, not to mention busted out a solid dish that Sirio applauded. Although he obviously wasn't the only one -- Casey also proved that she has what it takes to hang in the kitchen when the heat is on. As for the rest of the crew, I wasn't too impressed.