This Map of the Most Popular Halloween Candy by State Will BLOW YOUR MIND

What is wrong with Delaware?!

Fact: People have very strong opinions about the best Halloween candy. Some folks contend there’s no greater treat than a full-size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Other smarter and less basic people rep for a slightly more esoteric choice, like a 5th Avenue. And then some idiots like our best friend Stacy swear that Take 5 is the ultimate score. (Seriously, Stacy? What even is that?) 

So while favorite candy may be highly subjective, best-selling candy is not. And the fine folks at CandyStore.com have hard data proving what is most popular from a pure revenue perspective. They looked at ten years of sales data (from 2007 through 2016) and corroborated with major candy manufacturers to confirm their statistics. Even better, they broke out the top three by state — so you can look directly at Missouri and be like, “Oh yeah, I did used to get a ton of Snickers.”

Here — presented in a super-fancy interactive map — are the most popular Halloween candies per state. Simply mouse over an area to see its top three sellers, and prepare to be amazed (if not a little confused). Oh — and never, ever go trick-or-treating in Delaware. Lifesavers? Really?!

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