Padma Lakshmi Keeps This Strange Item in Her Fridge (Hint: It Was a Top Chef Fail)

Since Padma is a fan, will this intriguing condiment be coming soon to a supermarket near you?

When Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi allowed Delish to take a look inside her fridge, we had a feeling they'd find contents ranging from the deliciously virtuous to the deliciously not-so virtuous, with lots of fun surprises in between. And sure enough, it turns out that Padma stocks loads of fresh vegetables and lean proteins, a few rich indulgences (so much ice cream! and cheese!)...and a few wild cards. There's also one particularly fascinating condiment in there—a holdover from a past Top Chef episode—that we must say we're curious to try ourselves.

"On the top righthand side of the door—that bottle to the rightmost with the red top—it's hot sauce from the New Orleans season of Top Chef," Padma told Delish. "They were going to toss them out, so I grabbed a few of my favorites," she explains. Padma's favorite one of all is the hot sauce that cheftestant Carrie Mashaney made for a Quick Fire Challenge. "Dr. John [the guest judge] may not have liked it, but I thought it was the best. I wanted her to win that one," Padma adds. She points out that she never takes home contestants' leftovers from the show, but she couldn't resist in this case.

We don't know much about Dr. John's taste in hot sauce, but we're going with Padma on this one. Paging Carrie Mashaney: Send us some, please?





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