Your Moment of Zen: Watch Anthony Bourdain Milk a Cow for the First Time

In which Parts Unknown refers to... udders.

The latest episode of CNN's Parts Unknown takes Anthony Bourdain to the French Alps, where he pals around with chef buddy Eric Ripert and picks up new skills — like learning how to milk a cow.

"I'll give you a thousand dollars cash if you can get some milk out of this cow," Ripert goaded.

After a farmhand and Ripert both demonstrate the proper caressing of the cow udders (to which Bourdain suggests they play a '70s-style porn soundtrack), Bourdain gives it a go (click to watch the video).

"Oh, it's soft!" he remarked, quickly drawing milk. "Hey, what's that called? It's called a thousand dollars, my friend! Oh, that's strangely satisfying!"

Ripert teased their adventures on his Instagram feed.

"I feel like a champion!" Bourdain ultimately declared, while politely declining Ripert's offer to try his hand at a goat next.

Bourdain had previously referred to the show's Alps content with Ripert as "the most f***ed up, crazy-a**, and funniest thing" he'd ever done for TV.

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