People Would Give Up This Essential Life Function for Pizza, Survey Says

How far would you go for one more slice?

Pizza is life for so many people... but not like, literally, right?

Well, consider this: According to a new survey, many Americans would rather actually have more pizza in exchange for less of some of the things that help keep humans alive and functioning. Indeed, the survey, conducted by Harris Poll for national chain California Pizza Kitchen, found that a quarter of respondents would give up an hour of sleep a day in exchange for a year of free pizza on demand. And that's really saying something, because sleep! (But also... pizza!)

The survey findings were distributed as a way to promote National Pizza Month — and yes, when you consider that California Pizza Kitchen was behind the research, you can take it all with a grain of salt. Perhaps sea salt. And a a little fresh ground pepper. And a drizzle of truffle oil perhaps.

But a whopping 83 percent of Americans surveyed said they would give up some kind of item that they love — and many would consider a life essential, like sleep — for this offer. Guys, to get a sense of scale for Americans' love of pizza, mull it over that many people said they'd even give up coffee for this. So you know it's hardcore.

The survey also found that people spend about $570 a year on pizza, which all contributes to the $44 billion market for the food in the United States.

Hey, and while we're dropping some pizza knowledge, add one more bit of trivia to your arsenal: It's also the official food of one-night stands.

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