Pizza With Cold, Unmelted Cheese Is a New York Thing, You Wouldn't Understand (But Try it Anyway)

When it's too hot outside, this slice may cool you down.

Pizza places stay trying to outdo each other with crazy toppings — from Peking duck to alligator to rattlesnake sausage. But one of the strangest ones out there consists of a very familiar ingredient: Mozzarella cheese.

What's so strange about that? Well, let's discuss. The cheese is neither hot nor melted. Tino's in Oneonta, New York, about 175 miles northwest of Manhattan, is the original home of the curiously popular cold cheese pizza slice, which was created in 1985 and remains a top seller, particularly with area college students who use it to soak up the booze after late nights partying.

Sometimes, it's the only thing people remember about those nights.

The name can be misleading, as the pizza is hot but the shredded mozzarella on top is cold and unmelted; the colder the better, according to some patrons. The lore of the slice is that a customer once came to Tino's on a super-hot day and asked for cold cheese on top so he could eat it right away.

Tino's has quite a loyal following.

Tino's creation has spawned countless imitators across the state and even beyond, and may be a novel idea to request at your local spot. As for eating it, the trick seems to be patience. If you don't scarf it down in 10 seconds, some of that cheese may start melting into the dough to offer a bite of the familiar along with the new taste sensation.

Photo: aeri13/Instagram

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