Rachael Ray's Travel Essentials Are Hilariously Low-Tech

There are apps for that, chef.

In an interview with The New York Times, chef Rachael Ray said she doesn't often get a vacation, but when she does, she's a creature of habit. It's always Italy, Copenhagen, or Austin, Texas.

And when she travels, she likes to bring along some essentials that sound downright quaint — and decidedly analog.

For one thing, she said, “I always take a small gold basket to carry my art supplies. I make my own thank-you cards by doodling recipes and illustrating them: The cover of the card is the list of ingredients, then the back of that page has the instructions.”

Mixing it up! Expanding on recipe note cards with cocktail doodle cards! The French Kiss.

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As well, she brings reading material — and not just of the e-reader variety. "I live next to the Strand Book Store [in New York City] and I love the feeling of a book in my hand. So I always have a ‘real’ book that I’m reading, and I also have my Kindle with my backup books. I can read an entire thriller in one plane ride, so when I get there, I need more. Right now I’m reading ‘The Last Days of Night,’ which is fabulous.”

And then there are the notebooks — and again, she's not talking about apps. “I’m constantly writing for the following week’s Rachael Ray Show or a six-months-from-now Rachael Ray Every Day magazine issue, and I bring two composition notebooks with me everywhere. One is for show or magazine notes, and the other is for what I’m cooking at home.”

Along those lines, she brings empty folders for magazine clippings. "I always have empty folders. When I travel, I buy magazines, and then I rip them to shreds; I tear out gift ideas, food ideas from other parts of the world, cool design ideas, and I organize them in my folders. I buy food magazines in languages I don’t speak, and I try to figure out what the dish is; it’s a weird game.”

She's also all about the lip balm — as any savvy traveler is — as well as traveling with a zip-locking baggie instead of a makeup case.

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