Why Are People Obsessed With This Restaurant That's Just About Guaranteed to Get Your Order Wrong?

It's feel-good food, no matter what arrives at the table.

>Many diners have little patience when it comes to servers screwing up their orders in restaurants. But there’s one eatery that is getting tons of buzz and acclaim for regularly doing just that.

The restaurant is a pop-up in Tokyo that goes by the name The Restaurant of Order Mistakes — and it only hires servers with dementia. The idea is to raise awareness while simultaneously reducing the stigma around the condition.

The owners also mean the experience to demonstrate that people living with dementia can still contribute to society as productive members.

A food blogger who visited the space ordered a hamburger… and got dumplings instead. And she was nevertheless plenty pleased with the experience. “‘I’m fine dumplings came and had a good laugh,” she tweeted, according to a translation in Metro.

The pop-up has been operating in a trial period during June, but will resurface with an event in honor of World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21.

Photo: ;Courtesy of Maggie’s Tokyo/Facebook

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