Richard Blais

Richard Blais takes a page from Brian Malarkey's blog and handicaps the chef'testants.

on Nov 21, 20080

The chefs get an early tongue lashing by Tom. And then it's off to the stew room. Tom makes the appearance, that's a change. And again we get top and bottom called in together. I like this as a viewer. I would have hated it as a contestant.

Now we hear the good news. Fabio, in a moment of Ryan Scott-ness, breaks down as soon as his name is called and sings like a canary. But they loved his dish. Why wouldn't they! Here we have what could possibly win the whole competition for Fabio. A focus on great ingredients, an understanding of what people like, and the application of creativity for the sake of improvement. Cha-ching. Sounds like 100,000 dollars to me. Besides, he's as adorable as Tina Fey playing Palin. And I will not bring up that he is doing Ferran Adria's false olive. Wait...

Jamie kills it with her soup. She might as well be a spokesperson for the cuisine of Northern California. "I just wanted to celebrate the season". Although, I understand this, it also irritates me. Next time she does well, surely she will say it wasn't her that made it great, it was the tomatoes. She did a great job. I'm a Jamie fan. So, I hope she has watched previous seasons and witnessed the fate of those who live and die within the stubbornness of their cuisine. I'm flying back from San Fran as I write BTW. I love the food there.

Carla rocks it as well and I'm going to sound like I'm jumping on the bandwagon, but I like Carla. She reminds me a bit of Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars - a little goofy, excitable and tall. I like Jar Jar and I loved the idea of sweet and savory with the cheese. Her energy is unique, and it should serve her well.