Richard Blais

Richard Blais takes a page from Brian Malarkey's blog and handicaps the chef'testants.

on Nov 21, 2008

My DVD ends there. So I don't have the privilege of reporting on fact. But, I want these to go live the night of, so why not let it rip and see if I can guess what happens now. Did you see how I slipped that in there?

Hosea served an uninspired, rather common version of a crab salad with mango and avocado. It looked like hotel food. He's shown us that he's got some skills, so I'd be shocked if he got the cleaver. He'll get the rubber spatula over his knuckles.

Jill took a chance with the ostrich egg and all we heard was that it tasted like glue. I happen to like the smell of certain glues. What? So, I'm going to say she's safe by way of that ostrich egg. It's a choice that says a lot about her me at least.

And then we have Ariane. This is her second time with a simple execution mistake. Besides Padma's violent mouth ejection, I noticed Tom double take when he tasted the meringue. And if nothing else, the fact that she called it cherry surprise should seal it.

Here are some initial thoughts on the contestants' cuisine so far:

Stefan. He has a simple yet modern approach. The hot dog even sounded good. He should be able to breeze through the first half.

Fabio. He's positioning himself as the creative guy and also a team player. Speaking as a guy who slayed the most dragons but didn't take home the princess, I find myself rooting for him.

Jamie. She's got the swagger and she has a defined style. She reminds me a bit of my castmate, Jennifer Biesty. That means I think she's a badass. Leah. She also seems to have a style. It will be interesting to see the effect of a possible relationship starting on the show.