Richard Blais

Richard Blais takes a page from Brian Malarkey's blog and handicaps the chef'testants.

on Nov 21, 2008

Melissa. Absolutely haven't had that much info. Tells me she may be around for a bit...

Daniel. Danny is a wild card for sure. I didn't dig into him last week. But that Chinese chicken salad was a bad call. Chefs borrow and adapt, see Fabio's olive sphere. But I really think he thought that salad was a fresh idea, and that makes me worry for him.

Alex. Alex says he does Latino food. Yet when left to his own devices, he made what looked like a hotel dish.

Jill. She seems a bit goofy, in a fun-loving, casual way. I really did like the ostrich egg call though.

Ariane. If she's still around, it won't be for long. The pressure is getting to her.

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