Richard Blais

Richard Blais breaks down the competition at the halfway point.

on Oct 9, 2009

Laurine - She has been a pretty quiet mouse, playing a solid sous chef in this past challenge.  She’s the only true caterer on the cast, and you know my stance on caterers winning the whole contest.

Mike I. - An early villain edit. Or his unintentional consumption of his own feet in the beginning has quickly morphed into what, I think, is Mike’s true personality. He’s serious about his craft, not so much about anything else. And that makes him the biggest personality on this cast. Behind his good humor and wisecracks, is a serious chef making a good run and picking up momentum.

Michael V. - I obviously have a bias towards Michael’s genre of food. Creative. Precise. Exciting. Is it personal enough? Does everyone get it? In a cast of accomplished craftsmen, Michael, more than anyone, has to express his vision and inspiration crystal clear. If Bryan is vanilla, Michael is licorice.

Robin - Her quirkiness has earned her a little spot all by herself. Which isn’t a bad thing. Alliances and allegiance don’t mean much at the end. This isn’t Survivor. But there’s no bigger motivator in life than someone telling you that you can’t do it.

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