Richard Blais

Richard Blais admits he's no good at catering-type events. But, he's willing to critique this season's chefs anyway.

on Dec 18, 2008

I always try to do one pot dishes at home. I'm usually tired from cooking all day, or on my way to the kitchen in a rush, so there's no time to break out nine pans, or do the dishes.

My wife doesn't do dishes. And I'll be honest, the one pot thing is surely about convenience. I hate clutter. During my time on the show, the neccesity to have to work in a frantic manner and be a bit less organized really aggravated me. I'm the type of person who enjoys cleaning out desk drawers and could consolidate and put in order random stuff for hours and with gusto! So cooking in one vessel, then cleaning it and putting it away works. It's efficient. It's what home cooks should always attempt. It is how I believe Martha Stewart would cook. And, OK, here it goes: It's a good thing.

On a side note: what a great challenge for Lee Anne Wong and her team. What you don't see is that the kitchen absolutely gets destroyed every Quickfire. I mean demolished. War zone. So with each contestant limited to one pan; well I bet it was a tiny bit cleaner at the end.

Confidence is a major factor at this point. Go back and watch your TiVo of Episodes 1-2, and tell me Arianne is the same person. Nope, she's different. Her work has been validated. She's still humble and sweet but she's walking with a bop for sure. On the other hand, Jeff and Fabio are floating around at this point not sure how to get out of their slumps. Thats what it is, a major slump. When an athlete gets in a bad slump, he or she may start changing their stance, fidgeting, reacting differently. Our chefs here don't have the assistance of a trainer, or even game film to watch, so they are making adjustments, sometimes the wrong ones, every time at bat.