Richard Blais

Richard Blais admits he's no good at catering-type events. But, he's willing to critique this season's chefs anyway.

on Dec 18, 2008

All of our chefs play it really safe tonight. I have a feeling it's going to be really safe all year. It's like watching Runway where everyone makes a sweater. In this case it's a sweater with a sequin reindeer, but still. Boring.

Pot pie, crab cakes, deviled eggs, and 13 things served on toast. As a viewer, and also the guy who made three renditions of banana scallops, I now get it. I'm so sorry I put you viewers through that! I hope you'll forgive me! Because now I'm hoping Jamie can cook something besides scallops. And begging for Rhadika to serve something without chutney. But there's nothing else flavor-wise happening here, so more Indian food Rhadika. Just go for it!

Back to the scallop crudo for a second. The smell of a raw scallop that isn't just from the shell makes me want to toss my biscotti. It's not a rotten smell. It's just the smell of seafood that should be cooked, and once you know what a true fresh scallop smells like, you won't mess around with serving ones from a tin or fish box raw. Scallops, when they are fresh and should be served raw, actually jiggle and shimmer. Yes, like Jell-o. It's a beautiful thing (to me). Gross to some I'm sure. I have had a dish in the back of my head, maybe on the back burner would be more appropriate, that is simply a few slices of raw scallop presented tableside with a flashlight so the dinner can observe the scallop pulsating.

To sum it up -- and it's not to take anything away from Hosea -- Chipotle mashed potatoes won this challenge... Holy Bobby freaking Flay ... What year is this? What is going on?