Richard Blais

Richard Blais walks through his Quickfire Challenge thought process.

on Jan 29, 20090

And although this was by no means an easy challenge. I was uninspired by what seemed to be the option everyone settled on. Crust. Cereal, rice, oats, potato chips. They all work as a somewhat creative topping for protein. It’s very Charlie Trotter's early '90s. And it would have popped in and out of my mind's program instantly. Most of our chefs however settled for what was probably the first thing that popped into their heads. 

Speaking of random things that pop into your head. Andrew D’Ambrosi is back! I love this guy. In small doses. Don’t want to be his bunkmate again anytime soon, but I'm sure that is mutual. And did he serve raw crawfish tails? That’s so almost gross, that it’s cool. It looked great BTW.

And Spike’s back too. This guy is to hip, what I am to dork. Spike's fanbase is young women. Mine ... is not.   

And Nikki Cascone. I thought her dish was actually the most inspired. Tell me how NY doesn’t have regional food, Leah, and then watch someone make a modern take on a chopped liver deli sandwich. On challah bread! Get out. It was pretty damn clever and sooo LES. She should have served a goat's cheese knish. 

Carla, Hosea, and Jamie really do a great job representing their team's region. And here’s an admission: I think I’d most likely want to eat Jamie’s food. I think she and Leah still have the clearest cuisine.