Richard Blais

Richard Blais walks through his Quickfire Challenge thought process.

on Jan 29, 2009

And in the spirit of disclosure, and well, maybe spirit gods, Carla is my fan favorite. She got tickets to the big game, and she might as well have been Kurt Warner headed to Disney World. Wonder if I’ll bump into her Sunday?

I’m also relieved, in a very selfish way. I’m glad to see Stefan on the chopping block. I was only there one time myself. Which people tell me is the standing record. OK, I looked it up on Wikipedia myself, but it’s true. And like many athletes that cling to statistical achievement, I am the 1972 Dolphins. Actually, more like last season's Patriots. Stefan may at the end share the achievement with me. But my name will not be erased. Until perhaps next season. 

Fabio tries to talk his way out of hot water. Or hot cabbage as we are led to believe. 

And Jeff gets cut. I have nothing to back up what I’m about to say, but I have a feeling Jeff is  the type of chef that's really good in his restaurant and just never got to show it on the screen. My season had the likes of Jennifer and Manuel. This season has Jeff. 

To me, it’s always interesting to hear the last words when we haven’t quite accomplished our goal, when we don't win the game. Some of us cry. OK, I cried. Some get mad. Some deny. Some hate. But listening to Jeff talk about how he wants to be remembered as someone who fought to the end and didn’t give up, etc, etc., it reminded me of one of my favorite cookbook quotes from <em>White Heat: </em>At the end of the day, it’s just food ....