Richard Blais

Richard Blais doesn't understand why none of the chefs wanted Stefan on their teams for Restaurant Wars.

on Jan 22, 2009

Restaurants take a long time to open. I just opened one called Flip in Atlanta. Not my first or last. It's a process that can take more than a year, even with secure funding. At a minimum, with a team of people who have done it many times, it will take three to four months to do it correctly.

On Top Chef, in Restaurant Wars, you get 36 hours. And only a few of those are dedicated to cooking and preparing the dining room. It's the sickest challenge of them all. It's a recipe for disaster. Big disasters.

By winning the Quickfire, Radhika, and Leah get to choose teams. This should have been a big advantage. Stefan gets left out. Most people probably watched that and felt like he must be the most miserable person to work around. But, I watched it and realized again, what a lack of leadership and enthusiasm some in this group show.

Why wouldn't you pick one of, if not, THE, best chef in the lot? If you're not a leader, you don't pick leaders to be on your team. There is a fear factor there.

A chef should always try to surround him/herself with the most talented people. Although, in real life, attitude and social skills play a big role in forming a team. This is not the case in a competitive cooking contest.

Ever wonder why Terrell Owens always has a starting position even though he might be a nightmare of a person? Because he's talented and for those moments when you are in an intense competition, you deal with the other stuff.

Stefan, Marcel, Hung, Dale Talde, Tiffani Faison ... talented.

I'll pick those chefs on my team any day.