Richard Blais

The Season 4 finalist handicaps the new cheftestants.

on Nov 12, 2008

The remaining and no doubt scared shitless chefs have to now cook with the apples. Another great turn. Bear in mind that the first cooking Quickfire is very quick. Go try to do it tonight at your house. Turn the clock on 20 minutes and then have someone jumble around your pantry ingredients. Or in this case, go cook in your backyard. I felt nervous for these chefs, for sure. Although, I do think the surviving chefs from that Quickfire have gotten their feet wet in the timing of the show.

Lauren and Patrick make salads. Salads only win salad challenges. Dumb, easy way out. Right away I knew one of them was brioche.

Leah and Rhadika actually cook. Chutney equals automatic explosive flavor, good call. Scallops and apples and two attempts at restaurant dishes - nice work. They're in the clear.

Lauren's cafe salad is worse than Patrick's introduction to lunch cookery salad, so she's packing her pairing knife. There are two good things to know here, Lauren. First, losing doesn't discount your career. Second, the 14 or so others who will be told to PYKAG will be scarred with an incident that people will remember. There are so many contestants whose names people don't remember. Did you really want to be the girl who always made pasta? The guy who shaved that other guys head? Or the angry lesbian on "that cooking show?" You'll be alright.

Then my favorite elimination challenge so far, ever. Go walk around a neighborhood and get inspired. I would have loved that! See, there are only two things that get you success on Top Chef. Point-of- view and technique - it absolutely takes both.

The chefs have to go head-to-head. I like this as well. It's a great way to see their style. The cuisine doesn't matter. A good chef does their food and pulls in the theme.

The pretty surfer is frantic. Ariane is frozen, Patrick is nervous, but cute. Richard is Chatty McChatenstein. Jamie is all like, I'm hard core shut the F up. Note - gotta like all the full sleeve ink going on here. It's the new faux-hawk. Stefan and Fabio are nice and easy, I think they're gonna make out at some point.