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Rocco DiSpirito

Gone Fishin'

Editor's Note: OK -- Rocco isn't really fishing, but his blog will be back next week. So, leave him plenty of comments to come back to!
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Dinner and a Movie

Daniel Boulud. What incredible screen presence. The look on the cheftestants' faces when Daniel walked into the room was priceless. He is a legend, and his magnetism is palpable. All young chefs dream of meeting, cooking, working, or just plain r...
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Know Your Audience!

"By the people and for the people" is a great sentiment to found a government on, but it's not one to follow if your intention is to become the next Top Chef. When Tom, Padma, Ted, and Rick Bayless are deciding your fate, do yourself a favor and...
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Keep it Simple

A "bellini" is a cocktail invented in the 1930s at Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy, by Giuseppe Cipriani. It's made with Prosecco, an Italian sparkling white wine, and white peach puree. It's a great way to get an evening started. "Blini" are leaven...
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A Taste Of Things To Come

Tasting your way through 16 über-creative pizzas isn't as easy as Padma makes it look. Eventually, there is an epic taste bud overload that only a gallon of water and several Bud Lights can fix....
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