Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot speaks to this season's Restaurant Wars.

on Aug 29, 2007


So we're back where we left off with the Restaurant Mulligan, but first a little mise en place. Every now and then (back when I actually had a job) I used to jump on the line when we were in the weeds. The guys that worked my line had a real sense of pride about their skills. All lines do -- at least good ones. So to earn their respect, you have to really bring it. When I saw what Casey did (or was trying to do) with that onion, I could hear them in my head yelling "Pinche Gringa!"


Hung manhandled those chickens with cartoon-like speed. I think he's been waiting for this moment his whole life. No, you weren't mistaken -- that was pure joy you saw in his eyes. Too bad the Sopranos is over -- they may have written a scene just for Hung the Butcher. Seriously, Hung and Sara should open a prep shop for restaurants -- they put on a clinic. (Side bar: How great was it that they made Tom use a whistle for the relay race?) Gotta say that in the last few challenges, Hung's hung up the ego and become a contender. So the Team Formerly Known As Garage gets Stephen and extra money. I personally think wine is overrated in Restaurant Wars (kidding), but Stephen's help means one less thing for them to stress about. However for Dale it means one extra dress-to-impress-sommelier he has to wrangle. The prizes weren't the only things they got; they also "got" the whole point of the rematch. Ironically, it was their biggest weakness (their failure to work as a team) that allowed them to see their mistakes, get over them, and really take the comments to heart.