Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot speaks to this season's Restaurant Wars.

on Aug 29, 2007


So they sent Tre home. I'm torn with this decision. So many times we've heard them say, "It's Top Chef, not Top Sous-Chef, "and sent the chef home because they were content to ride shotgun. So TC history tells us that CJ should have been sent home. He was the first to admit that he wasn't qualified to be April's Executive Chef. How then, is he qualified to be Top Chef? On the other hand, everything that comes out of the kitchen is the Executive Chef's responsibility. Thus, the Executive Chef of the winning restaurant should win, and the losing restaurant's chef should be sent packing. If they continue to force the chefs (like they did this year) to choose who is the Executive Chef and who is the decorator, then every season we'll know who should win and who should go home. Not very fun for us.

Here's why I say that: If you're the Executive Chef and your fellow cheftestant makes a crap dish, you can't serve it. If you do, you'll be the one going home, not them. Because that's the role of the Executive Chef -- to make sure everything is spot on. See the problem? If the producers keep to this format next season, I don't see how the weakest chef will ever be sent home (Unless of course their team nominates them as Executive Chef for the purpose of sending them to the Judges' Table like a lamb to the slaughter.) When we did Restaurant Wars, Mikey was told to pack it up. Love him, but at that stage of the contest (Ilan, Cliff, Elia, and Marcel), it was the right call. You can't say the same about Tre. No way was he the weak link in this group. Even the remaining chefs felt the same way. I could have sworn a saw a little look of relief in their eyes -- "Man, that just really sucks. I really like Tre -- never thought he'd be going home. I thought he was going to be around till the end. Hmm, wait a minute. Tre's gone? Now I have a better shot!"