Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot speaks to this season's Restaurant Wars.

on Aug 29, 2007

You could tell that Tre let himself down. He wasn't shocked when they sent him packin' because he knew -- but he was stunned. So in the end, Tre went home because his team thought he was most qualified to be their Executive Chef and they trusted him implicitly. Not a bad reason to go home. Tre's the complete package. He's shown the most poise, dignity, professionalism, pride, and integrity of perhaps anyone on this show, ever. While I don't know him, he seems like the kind of guy you want to be around and work for. As it gets closer to the finale, there's something I can't quite put my finger on about this season -- something's just a little off. Or missing. Maybe the chefs don't care as much about the title of Top Chef as they care about the exposure? Maybe they like each other so much they're sorry to send people home? Maybe it's the hot tub and the mojitos. I'm not sure. I guess we'll see.