Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot outlines the issues he takes with this episode.

on Aug 20, 2007

First off, let me give the proverbial shout out--I was just in St. John. The plan was to spend a few days working on a project, but due to accommodations, flight and weather problems (hope Hurricane Dean does as little damage as possible), the project is postponed. So the shout out goes to Billy and Blake, and everyone else I met there--thanks, and hope to see you guys soon. Coldstone Creamery. Don't tell anyone, 'cause I'm not suppose to eat it, but I had it once. It's good. Real good. And I figured when in Rome mix in as many mix-ins as humanly possible. carlos_307_01_320x240

And the winner of the most inappropriate use of foam during a TC challenge goes to... It's not hard to pick this winner, so I'll move on to the Elimination Challenge.

Remember, guys? Remember your first TC experience? Remember how you thought you were at a party? Then suddenly you had to compete? And it caught you off guard? Remember that time? Seeing their shocked faces when they realize they had to cook instead of party reminds me of how babies play peek-a-boo--no matter how many times you do it, they're authentically surprised each time. I kind of felt bad for them--I know what a night on the town would have done for their spirits. But a few of them couldn't get over the issues it caused: