Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot gets personal. He also weights in on Episode 5.

on Jul 25, 2007


I figured that since you guys took time to ask questions (and thank you, by the way), I could take time to respond:

"Lisa" wanted to know: If Harold can run a restaurant and make his blog deadline; surely I should be able to.

(Note: I'm writing Episode 5's blog a week after it aired.) You couldn't be more right. It should be on-time, but here's why it's been late: I spend most of the week on the road, and not all hotels carry Bravo (they should) and not all hotels have in-room Internet (and they should). So, I send it as I have access. The better question is: Why aren't I staying in better hotels? But I'll try harder.

What would I do for each week's challenge?

It's so much easier to answer that from the comfort of my home, with my feet up on the couch, a cold drink in my hand than when I had a timer ticking away, a camera crew in my face, and my reputation (and money) on the line. So out of respect for the current competitors and what they're going through, I'm going to decline to answer that. (Also because I never want to do a Quickfire again and you can't make me. Ha.)

What have I been doing?

You mean besides trying to use Top Chef to mooch free dinners? Well, I've been trying to get a restaurant deal signed. I've had a few things that didn't end up being the right fit. In the meantime, I've been catering private events. Consulting for restaurants. Personal Chef-ing. Doing a lot of demos and appearances. I just did one last weekend in PA--you guys were great! I'm also working on a book with my boy (and crazy-talented writer) Ryan. Meeting as many people as I can. Buying too many pairs of shoes. Learning how to lose money playing poker.... But I can't wait to get back in a kitchen.