Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot introduces the 3 C's of good Top Chef cooking.

on Jun 28, 2007

Sorry I missed last week. I was in Aspen for the classic, and it was a great time. We raised some money for Juvenile Diabetes, and I met some great people, but I also had a little mix-up with my blog. Also wanted to say that if I can, I'll answer any questions that might come my way, so send 'em. Alright... let's talk about the quickfire challenge:

Hung: Blatantly leaving food on the kitchen floor? Really? Where did you learn that? Per Se? Aureole? Guy Savoy? Tre: Did they give him his own soundtrack? I'm digging it. Hung (again): Did he say, "MY monkey could do that" ?! Does Hung actually have a monkey? If he does, Bravo, please give us some "Hung and his monkey" footage.

CJ: I like what I saw in your dish. But even more, I really like how you approached it. (I'll call it the 3 C's) You took a minute and concentrated, you conceived the dish, then you created it. And it's reflected on the plate. While I'm on the topic of what I liked, I also like how the other contestants interact with you. Early on, you seem to be the glue of the group. Dale: That dish has Ilan written all over it. Time to move on to the Elimination...