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Sam Talbot

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers

So we're back where we left off with the Restaurant Mulligan, but first a little mise en place. Every now and then (back when I actually had a job) I used to jump on the line when we were in the weeds. The guys that worked my line had a real sen...
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Hung Solo

A few things before I get into this episode: A little gratuitous self-promotion. I'm in a contest for Glad SimplyCooking Microwave Steaming Bags. If I'm voted the "steamiest" chef, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation will get $30K. It would be amaz...
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In The Weeds

First off, let me give the proverbial shout out--I was just in St. John. The plan was to spend a few days working on a project, but due to accommodations, flight and weather problems (hope Hurricane Dean does as little damage as possible), the...
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Take It From Sam

Even though Marcel wasn't able to attend the Watch What Happens Special, he's still a topic of conversation. So I have something I'd like say about him: ...
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Lists, Lists, And More Lists

I figured that since you guys took time to ask questions (and thank you, by the way), I could take time to respond: "Lisa" wanted to know: If Harold can run a restaurant and make his blog deadline; surely I should be able to. (Note: I'm writing...
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Sam's Top 8

First let me say, everyone should stop reading this right now and head to Harold's restaurant. He's doing serious food. My meal was light but hearty, restrained but bold, creative yet familiar, sophisticated but still fun. Harold, man, I'm happy ...
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