Scientists Create Diet Avocados, Unforgivably Tampering With the World's Most Perfect Food


Why mess with perfection? That’s what we want to ask the Spanish researchers who took it upon themselves to unleash diet avocados on the world. Behold the “Avocado Light,” a new strain of avocado that has 30 percent less fat than the normal avocados we know and love. Although this product looks like it has "Los Angeles" written all over it, it's actually from a company called Eurobanan’s Isla Bonita brand, and the diet avocado is hitting supermarkets in Spain this month.

No, seriously, why, though. Why?!

The first time we ever heard that glorious term “healthy fat” was in relation to avocados, and it seemed like a very happy revelation indeed, after the low-fat, calorie-counting craze.

Not only do creamy green avocados make just about everything better — avocado toast, smoothies, guacamole, even chocolate — studies show the fruit offers major good-for-you benefits like improved bone density, liver and eye function. Do we really have to obsess over the fat content of healthy superfoods? Come on, let's all just not.

Sure, it is possible to go overboard on avocados, but it seems like there are other more pressing risks to public health that scientists could work on making 30 percent less fatty. Like maybe an In-N-Out’s Double-Double? Or just come up with a strain of avocados that’s less pricey... and then we can talk about calling it a life-changing improvement. All of that said, the new Isla Bonita Light does supposedly turn brown more slowly, and ripen faster than normal avos — so feel free to discuss among yourselves whether those seem like adequate reasons to tamper with the world's most perfect food.

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