Shauna Minoprio

Executive Producer Shauna Minoprio gives you the insider scoop.

on Nov 15, 2006


t's always very stressful once the chefs have started their cooking -- just as much as they run around and panic as the time ticks down, so do we. If there's one cardinal rule about producing a show like this, it is that we must be ready when the food is. Therefore if the rules give the chefs one hour until they send out their first course we have one hour until we must be ready to shoot that. We must have shot Tom doing his round in the kitchen, his report afterwards, shot the guests arriving, got them seated, made sure everyone's make up is done, they all been to the bathroom, their mics are fixed and checked, the cameras are all in position with fresh tapes and batteries, and other stuff besides. We have a producer in the kitchen with the chefs giving the rest of the crew and production team a running countdown over our walkies -- it's like the launch of Apollo only with a more casual dress code.