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Stephanie Izard

Passing the Torch

Before I get going I wanted to give a quick-shout out. I was down in South Beach this past weekend and was lucky enough to have a couple of meals at the Ritz where Jeff is the chef.  The food was delicious, especially the crispy oysters that got...
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Wow – Down to the Final Four

Wow down to the final four. I am sitting on the couch getting ready to watch tonight’s episode and really have no idea what to expect. It is always anyone’s game as one little mistake can make all the difference. I just want to find out who I am...
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I am a Scallop Lover

This week’s episode was right up my alley. I had hoped we would have a couple of challenges based around fish since my last restaurant was primarily seafood, and I just love working with fish. I was also excited to see my old sous-chef (from...
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Restaurant Wars

Well I guess even if I had not seen the previews alerting that it was time for Restaurant Wars, it would have been fairly obvious when the guest judge appeared. Stephen Starr is of course one of the top restaurateurs in the country and his success...
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Two Sides of Cooking

Well tonight we got to see two sides of cooking. There are meals that are created from all canned and processed foods and those that are created with the most beautiful and freshest ingredients directly from the farm. Of course most people would...
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Little Kick In The Butt

I thought tonight's episode was by far the best this season. It seems like the little kick in the butt from Tom at the end of the last episode really made the chefs realize that they need to step it up a bit. Great to see all of the talent...
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Think Outside The Pot

It is time for the holidays. I would say that everyone on this week's episode did a good job of bringing in the Christmas spirit while filming in the summer. I was hoping that there would be a recurrence of last year's Christmas special and Eric...
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