Stephanie Izard

Top Chef: Chicago's winner scopes out the newbies.

on Nov 12, 20080

Hard to believe the new season is already here. Seems like we were just in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago. I had finally gotten past having crazy Top Chef nightmares with the red clock counting down or Padma suddenly appearing with a new challenge, and I am hoping the new season does not cause them to return. From the first episode it seems like there is a talented group of chefs and a lot of strong personalities so I am sure it will be a fun season to watch.

I have to say it seems a little harsh to give someone the boot after just a Quickfire. I cannot imagine, knowing what anticipation I felt before filming began, having to go home without even putting on the Top Chef coat. Though peeling apples may seem like a simple task, and I am sure it is during a normal day in the kitchen for the chefs, the nerves that the chefs were probably dealing with on the first day of filming made simple tasks suddenly challenging. I could sympathize with Richard when he cut himself in the first minute of competition, since the same thing happened to me. You just have to holler for a band-aid and keep on going. It would have been kind of fun to see what the actual time was for the chefs as Tom commented that they were going to be there for a while with 15 apples per person. Stefan cruised right through as one of the nine chefs who was safe and got to watch as the other eight chefs sweat through round two.

Along the same lines, I am sure the chefs have brunoised cases of apples, but the three sets of camera crews, Tom and Padma, and the other nine chefs looking on made the knife skill a bit more difficult I am sure. Even though Daniel was not the speediest apple peeler, he showed he could bang out some brunoise.