Stephanie Izard

Stephanie Izard gives her take on Restaurant Wars and her fellow Chicagoan, Radhika's, performance.

on Jan 22, 2009

Well I guess even if I had not seen the previews alerting that it was time for Restaurant Wars, it would have been fairly obvious when the guest judge appeared. Stephen Starr is of course one of the top restaurateurs in the country and his success is due to the philosophy he mentions ... it is not just about the food but also about the concept, the decor, the service ... every detail counts.

Though I was disappointed not to see the culinary relay race that I thought might be the Quickfire this week, I did like the concept behind the challenge. The chefs are to act as though they are doing a tasting for a potential investor. Not only does the dish have to impress Starr, but the concept is to intrigue him as well. The question is: Do you really want to be the team leader (or restaurant owner) for Restaurant Wars?? There is a track record of the head of the restaurant going down and packing their knives no matter who on the losing team is most at fault. There was a bit of controversy on our season when Dale was sent home as chef of the losing team of Restaurant Wars; there were many issues with the food that night but as chef, Dale was considered at fault. Leadership skills are just as important in this challenge as the food itself.

Though Leah is a bit thrown during the Quickfire with the snapper that seemed a bit past its prime, she manages to pull through with a tasty looking dish that impressed the judges and won her a spot as restaurant owner. Rad seemed to have the winning dish of the Quickfire with her use of various spices and cultural influences.