Stephanie Izard

Stephanie Izard contrasts the canned food and fresh food challenges.

on Jan 15, 2009

Well tonight we got to see two sides of cooking. There are meals that are created from all canned and processed foods and those that are created with the most beautiful and freshest ingredients directly from the farm. Of course most people would prefer to cook and eat the latter, especially chefs, however this is not always possible for everyone. From time to time a home cook may be in a bind and have a short amount of time to make a meal with what they have in the pantry.

I was a bit surprised as I figured, as most of the chefs did, that Hung was there next to a big fish tank. Or at least a whole bunch of chickens for the chefs to try to break down as fast as his did during his culinary relay, a moment he will remain known for for quite some time. Of course the connection was a bit less obvious and the quickness that is represented by Hung will affect the time allotted for this Quickfire. I remember back to our rice challenge when we had only 15 minutes and it really is not much time. Especially once you push the others out of the way to find some ingredients to work with.

What hurt a couple of the chefs was making more of a snack than a full dish and not really creating but rather mixing cans of food. Rad was called out for making a basic dip of combined canned items while Jamie simply tossed some veggies together with some canned mussels and put it on some toast. Possible that these had decent flavor but they just lacked a little creativity. Leah just went a bit crunchy on her waffles. Even her man Hosea made a bit of a face when she got called out and said she had fried them. Who knows -- I kind of like my waffles on the crisp side but I guess Hung does not.