Stephanie Izard

You asked. She answered. Stephanie Izard discloses her top three picks!

on Dec 11, 2008

Stefan is certainly coming out as the most competitive and arrogant of the bunch. So far he has shown that he has the skills to back it up though so I do not have a problem with it. It does make all of the chefs feel that much better when they are able to overtake him. Hosea is able to beat him out in the final taste of the Mole as Stefan tastes tomato paste incorrectly. Pretty sure this is not going to ruin Stefan's confidence but Hosea had to feel pretty good knocking him out.

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs draw knives with the obvious wedding theme of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Then in comes the beautiful bride, Gail Simmons. I have to say she is one of the sweetest women I have met throughout this experience and I wish her the best with her new marriage. Her husband is certainly a lucky man!

The "old" team of Hosea, Jeff, and Stefan decide to go with heirloom tomatoes. I thought this was a nice choice for both the relevance to "old" and also for the placement as first course. Stefan is certainly not afraid to voice his opinion which I can respect, though I was happy to see that the other boys trusted their own instincts and did not let him run the show. In the end when the dish was tasted, the women loved the sorbet which Jeff made and Stefan had tried to talk him out of. Others commented that Stefan's terrine was a bit under seasoned. Maybe Stefan will start to realize that he is not the only talented chef still standing.

I was not quite sure where the "new" team was going with this dish. Sushi does not really scream "new" to me at all. There were many missteps beginning with the sushi rice. Sushi rice is an art form all in itself. Most new cooks at sushi restaurants spend months only making rice so they can learn to perfect the craft. I am not going to claim to be an expert, but when the timer went off on the rice cooker, that rice needed to come out and be fanned until it cooled properly and was unable to carry over cook. The second mistake was deciding to use the rice anyway. A good chef needs to know when to throw away a component of a dish and either start again or make a new plan. Adding flavors to mushy rice is not going to make it any less unpleasant. It seemed that the team just had too many ideas and needed to streamline a bit. There was so much going on that the women had no idea how to even eat the dish. Though Eugene and Daniel had the most trouble with flavors and execution, Carla lacked communication skills. It was easy to tell she was uncomfortable with the direction of the dish from the beginning and she should have voiced that to the others on her team. It makes her just as at fault as the others.