Stephanie Izard

Stephanie Izard puts her money on Carla.

on Feb 19, 2009

Wow down to the final four. I am sitting on the couch getting ready to watch tonight’s episode and really have no idea what to expect. It is always anyone’s game as one little mistake can make all the difference. I just want to find out who I am cooking with in Aspen this year … think I will just write tonight’s blog as I get closer to finding out.

I was just in New Orleans myself, and it is a great town. The locals are so proud of their city and heritage and of course of the cuisine. Emeril Lagasse has made a huge career with his Creole cooking and it would not have made sense to have not had him in the finals. 

A Top Chef first of course … the last three kicked off are given a chance to come back and compete for the finals. It is a great opportunity for Jeff, Leah, and Jamie, though I really would not want to have to get kicked off twice. Leah makes a gumbo, pretty gutsy with Lagasse around. Jeff goes with grits and crawfish which seems pretty simple yet delicious. Jamie’s dish looks the most original and tasty to me, big fan of corn pancakes, though the judges really have their poker faces on with this one. 

Not a lot of explanation from Chef Lagasse for his choice, but Jeff is the lucky man who has to win the Elimination Challenge to move on.

No way! I was in Mardi Gras World during my visit. It is an amazing place where all of the floats get to hibernate. Here comes the car again. When Richard won the car in Puerto Rico, we felt like we were on The Price Is Right. A good-looking guy got out of the car as it pulled up and walked towards Richard. Unsure if this was a local chef that I had not yet met, I wondered, did Richard win the car or the hot guy?