Team Top Chef's Editor professes her love for Andrew.

May 14, 2008


Well, everyone. This was a sad, sad episode for me. I haven't been too shy about my love for Andrew, and when I saw this week's ending I yelped "Nooooo!" Yes -- that's right I yelped. (I have some exciting news about Andrew though at the end of this post, so keep reading!) Let's backtrack a bit to the Quickfire for a hot second though.


First, we had the joy of seeing Sam Talbot return. Now, I was a Marcel freak during Season 2, but Sam is pretty dreamy in person, so he really did bring the sexy back ... har har (we really beat that joke to death, huh?). The chefs had 45 minutes to make a salad. 45 minutes! That seemed like a lot of time, but it looks like Stephanie became too comfortable and she didn't get to plate her whole dish. Come on girl! That was "Episode 1 Stephanie" (remember her shaking hands?) -- you're better than that now!


Spike's dish won the Quickfire Challenge, but I have to say Antonia's salad topped my list, just from the look of it. I don't know that I've ever considered poached eggs sexy, but I guess I will now. (And here I thought only duck fat turned Sam on!) Since the chefs are no longer eligible for immunity, Spike gained the advantage of choosing one item from each food group, and therefore denying the other chefs the option to use any of his chosen ingredients. My food groups consist of pick-up and delivery, so I would have had a problem. But Spike seemed to be fairly shrewd with his choices. I was actually happy he took away the chicken because he gave the other chefs an opportunity to get creative. However, I wish he had been a little more creative himself and made something more inspired than chicken salad. When Tom held up the lettuce and tomato, it was looking pretty sad. Although when he held up Andrew's sushi, it wasn't looking too good either. What does Tom do to his food?!


Anyway, Let's talk about Andrew's dish for a moment. While sushi may not have been the best idea, it certainly wasn't a bad one, and i think his eating every three hours position was totally right-on. And while I think Tom may have seemed a bit dismissive, it didn't seem like Andrew was really considering his audience. Sushi isn't really hearty. Well, that one wasn't.