Team Top Chef's Editor shares why this episode made her cry.

Feb 11, 2009

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs had to create dishes for some culinary legends. Carla had the option to switch hers, but didn't. Good girl. It was kind of remarkable how well the chefs paired up with their legends. Sidenote: How hilarious was the set-up of "The Last Supper?" Before I knew what the episode was about, I made a comment to one of my colleagues about how weird and angelic the lighting seemed in the previews. Nice work, Elves! It seemed as though most of the chefs actually did an OK job, but Fabio, who broke his finger (!), kept on trucking, and pulled out the win with his roasted chicken. This reminded me of Elia's roast chicken win back in Season 2. I never really thought about how hard it might be to cook roasted chicken really well, maybe because my mother made it multiple times a week when I was growing up, but now whenever I see roast chicken on a menu, I usually order it or urge someone at my table to.

And, Carla made  perfect peas. I gotta say not only do I love peas too, but I was just waiting for her to make the "peas in a pod" joke. Stefan kinda choked, and I thought he might go home, but it appears that making a broken hollandaise is a far greater crime. And Leah was sent home. Based on a lot of your comments, I know you guys are probably pretty happy about that. And although she's actually very nice, I was happy to see her go too. You could just tell her heart wasn't in it anymore.

What I found most interesting were the dishes that the chefs wanted as their last meals. Besides the fact that the question is kind of morbid, I tried to think of what I would want. Wendy's came to mind (How sad is that?) But then I realized I would probably want my mother's chicken parmigiana. It wasn't fancy, but she would always put an extra bunch of cheese in the corner of the pan so that I would have basically a blob of mozzarella to eat. I know it sounds gross, but I looove gooey cheese.