Team Top Chef's Editor breaks down the competition.

Aug 20, 2009

I Love Las Vegas

No, seriously, I do. I've only been there twice, but I find it so relaxing. I love controlled environments -- you won't see me hiking anywhere anytime soon, but put me in a place with A/C, all you can eat food, and drink at your fingertips and I’m a happy girl. Anyway, enough about me, how have you been my little pick and peel shrimp?! It's been way too long. So, we're back for Season 6. Can you believe we've been on for six seasons? Top Chef is the longest running show on Bravo besides Inside the Actors Studio! Fun fact!!!

OK -- let's get right into this season. Unlike some of the last few seasons, I think we've realized we can't bait the chefs to a meet-and-greet buffet and then pow! hit them with a Quickfire. It's like Punk'd after the first couple seasons -- no one's surprised. So, we do it the old-school way: We bring the chefs to the Top Chef kitchen -- now complete with aquarium! -- and introduce them to Tom and Padma. We don't know much about the chefs yet, but their resumes are IMPRESSIVE. Oh, and there's a set of brothers. One looks like Tony Hawke. I think I'm going to like them. You guys weren't feeling the "couple" casting a couple of seasons ago with Zoe and Jennifer, but this is different. I think you're going to dig the brothers Voltaggio.

Tom tells the chefs that the first challenge will be the mise-en-place relay race. Game on! But wait, what's that you say Padma? First, they will draw chips. The color of the chips determines the teams, except Robin pulls a gold coin. Not only does she not have to compete in the Quickfire, but she automatically gets immunity for the elimination. These are high stakes people! Oh, how could I almost forget the most awesomely awkward moment of the whole night: just as Padma is saying this season will be full of surprises, showgirls from Stardust come out to dance in the kitchen and bop up and down. This was almost as weird as when the choir came into the kitchen last season. I just love it.

Now we can really see who has the basic skills. They were split into four teams and had to work with ingredients commonly used in Las Vegas dining, which means mostly seafood. Honestly, it wasn't even close for the four teams -- it was basically only between the blue and black teams. It was really, really sad. Tom was obviously shocked that Preeti didn't know how to shuck clams. While Mike Isabella was shocked Jen could. I'm just going to go ahead and call him sexist right now because I don't think he was kidding about his disappointment over how fast Jen was going. Um, she works for ERIC RIPERT. If she couldn't shuck clams, well, she would probably be fired. Jen was annoyed that Mike beat her, and I kind of was too. It's OK though because she won the Quickfire. More on that ... now!