Team Top Chef's Editor breaks down the competition.

Aug 20, 2009

After the blue team won, Padma announced the twist -- the four winning chefs would be competing against each other in a Quickfire to see who will win a mysterious $15K chip. Robin had the option to cook in the Quickfire, but opted not to. Mike called her out on this. I mean, honestly, I don' think I would have either. But who knows. I didn't see it as a cop-out, honestly. The four chefs compete against each other, and who wins? Jennifer C. with her clam ceviche (which she pronounces se-veech). She was worried it was too simple, which right away told me she would win. The judges love simple as long as it tastes good.

Next, for the Elimination Challenge, the chefs had to create dishes around their vices. Kinda wish they knew what vices were. According to, they're "an immoral or evil habit or practice." Kevin Gillespie wins with his arctic char, which I still have never eaten, and Jennifer Z is sent home. I thought Eve was in trouble once she said her seafood was overcooked, but I guess her dish was OK. Wolfgang was a great first guest judge, although I thought him throwing the donuts across the room was a bit much. And I'll say it, I would LOVE to try a bacon donut. I know this is horrible, but I'm happy Jenn Z. went home so I don’t have to look at her ear gauges. Seriously, I can take little gauges like Joey's on Real World: Cancun, but not these. So, yeah, maybe I'm selfish, but I couldn't look at them all season.

Anyway, what did you guys thinks of the season premiere? Who do you think will make it all the way? Anything you want me to try and find out for next week's blog? And why did Jennifer C. think it was appropriate to kiss Tom on the cheek when she won the Quickfire?!