Team Top Chef's Editor returns to share her take on the finale.

Jun 6, 2008

Besides the use of local favorites, Richard seemed to put a lot of his own life into the dishes and it apparently showed. (And may I just say his wife was about ready to pop when this was shot!) Stephanie also passed with flying colors. But, she almost didn't. When Dale said, "I f***ed up," I was nervous for Stephanie's chances, but also kinda proud. He didn't give any BS, he just took responsibility for his mistake and then offered innovative ideas to fix it! Yes, readers, I miss Dale too. (Sidenote: I laughed out loud when Dale used the words "up in this piece.")

And then there were two ... Lisa and Antonia. I've found myself rooting against Lisa, not simply for how she is portrayed on the show, but for you guys! As I have said before, I can hear the viewer comments in my head during the show, and I knew we'd be getting more "Top Chef has jumped the shark -- I'm never watching this show again!" sentiment than usual.

Well, we have, and although I can't change the viewers' minds about her personality -- or really anything for that matter -- you had to know the minute Antonia undercooked her beans she was doomed. And the minute the words "fatal flaw" were used, she was going home unless Lisa did something equally as egregious.

She didn't. The end.


Although I think Lisa's point about Stephanie and Richard not congratulating her was actually a fair one, I was so uncomfortable just watching the confrontation that I can't even imagine how Stephanie and Richard must have felt.

I have to say Richard's responses are becoming my favorites. His "bronze medal" quote was absolutely hilarious, and I don't know if it's actually what he says or the way he says it, but I've been quoting him more and more around the office. So that's just a fun fact for you as well as an apology to my office-mates. (His "Here Comes the Bride" rendition from "Wedding Wars" is still my favorite.) I can't give away anything from next week's conclusion except for the fact that it. is. good.