Team Top Chef's Editor shares her thoughts on Restaurant Wars.

May 21, 2008

Honestly, it seemed like Mai Buddha (we'll get to the names in a moment) were doomed from the get-go. Lisa and Dale in a kitchen together just doesn't seem to go well. I was hoping they would prove everyone wrong and pull a surprise upset, but it just didn't' happen. Spike was pretty smart to stay out of the line of fire, which Bourdain pointed out at Judges' Table. Dale and Lisa shared words at the Judges' Table, and I literally yelled "zing" after both of their comments: "A Team is only as strong as its weakest link." Zing! "A team is only as strong as its leader." Double zing! and an extra "Touche!" (pronounced "Toosh" in my world) for good measure. Our Foodie Poll this week asks you which "zing" was better. I'm tending to go with Lisa if for only that she came back after kind of a low blow.

OK -- so Mai Buddha kinda failed. But what did we think of the name? I can only assume it was an amalgamation of Spike and Dale's places of employment at the time -- Mai House and Buddakan. The other team's name was "Warehouse Kitchen," which I didn't even realize until I watched the episode again. Eh. Not my favorites, but not horrible. What would you have named them? (Be nice!) The decor was pretty OK too. How funny was Bourdain and Ted trying to one-up each other on the purple napkin comments? Honestly, they should just be thankful no one put out scented candles!