Team Top Chef's Editor dishes about her Windy City meal.

May 28, 2008

Well, hello again! I don't even know if I need to address comments this week seeing as they were all, um, the same: Lisa needs to go. Well, unfortunately for you I have zero say over that, and since the finale has been shot already, well, you'll just have to watch what happens .... (Yes -- I'm as surprised as you that that is the first time I have used that phrase in my blog.)

And stay tuned to the end of my blog this week for details on my trip to Tramonto's Steak & Seafood including dessert food porn!

OK -- let's talk about this episode. I have a feeling we're going to get a lot of comments about the emphasis on beef this week, especially since so many of you have commented on wanting a vegetarian/vegan challenge. I can assure you that I have brought this up to people who have more power than me. But for this week, it was all about steak. As a big carnivore, I love steak. I grew up eating a lot of meat and steak was a big part of that, especially since steakhouses are some of the few fine dining destinations my whole family can agree on. In the Quickfire the chefs had to butcher their own meat, and well, I thought some of the physically weaker chefs might fall over. I have to say the whole scene reminded me of a scene from Fast Food Nation. Fortunately for them, they were given only the best cuts to deal with. In the end, Spike prevailed, thoroughly impressing Chef Tramonto. As a viewer I was skeptical as to how well a chef would really be able to butcher that size cut, but being able to discern a good cut from a messy one is a chef's job. He only had to look at and cut into the chef's creations to determine who came out on top and who fell to the bottom. A lot of people are afraid to eat pink/red meat, but you should always order medium-rare at a steakhouse if you want the best out of your beef, and Chef Tramonto was looking for that perfect color and texture.