Team Top Chef's Editor talks about her love of levers ... and her memorable dinner at VOLT.

Oct 8, 2009

OK, so now I can tell you about my wonderful dinner at VOLT. Seriously, guys, it was one of the best meals I've ever had. My friend and I did the Chef's Dinning Room Tasting Menu (Kitchen Menu) with wine pairings. You can check out the menu HERE. Every course was just so beautiful to look at and eat. My favorite course was probably the lamb loin because it was just so deliciously salty. The restaurant was also beautiful -- masculine and modern. We were fortunate enough to have Chef Voltaggio give us a tour of the restaurant, which is actually a 19th Century home. As we walked into the main dining room, people obviously looked up and gawked. It had been a long time since I'd been with a chef in his restaurant while his/her season was still on the air, so I forgot how funny it is to see people's looks of recognition. I asked Bryan if it was weird and he said he was already used to it. He is, for back of a better idiom, cool as a cucumber. He is also insanely gracious. Sure, VOLT is a bit of schlep from D.C, but it's worth it. And I promise the next time I'm in D.C. I will definitely be stopping at Zaytinya to try out Mike Isabella's food.

In other news, I also just found out that Chef Hung Hunyh is now chef at Anja Bar, formerly Buddha Bar in NYC, and my fellow editors and I will hopefully be eating there in November. So go check him out! And finally, in case you've missed any of the first six episodes, check out this video one of my colleagues, Courtney Pollard, and I worked on:


Now you know what I "sound" like in print and aurally, but you don't know what I look like! Weird.

Anyway, until next week.