Team Top Chef's Editor breaks down this week's episode.

Sep 1, 2009

I also want to comment on Jen C.'s Executive Chef skills in the kitchen. Damn! I thought she was pretty amazing, and I would feel confident with her steering my ship any day. Richard Blais brings up in his blog that this was one of the realest glimpses into kitchen life we get to see on Top Chef, and I'm gonna say he's right. Hopefully we'll get to see more of it.

I just really enjoyed watching this episode for some reason, and it seems like there are already chefs emerging as the ones to beat. Hopefully some dork horses (Editor's Note: I mean dark horses, but this error is too good to get rid of!) will come out of the woodwork.

Before I close, I just want to take a moment to respond to your comments. I guess I should have clarified that I know that VOLT isn't in D.C., but well, that's where I'll be staying at the end of September. My friend and I will be making the 45 minute plus drive to Frederick. Also, yes, I should go to Mike Isabella's restaurant. I had just spoken to Chef Voltaggio last Wednesday for our Burning Questions blog, so I guess VOLT was on the brain.

Also, I'm going to make mistakes. I don't always have an excuse. I watch the episode about a week before it airs, and I'm basically senile already. I do appreciate you pointing out my errors, though, and I always try to fix them. They're not deliberate, I'm just a jerk.

Next week's episode features Joel Robuchon. It's pretty damn amazing. Watch a preview, will ya:

Until next week ...