Team Top Chef

The Final Four head to Napa to compete for the title.

Dec 2, 2009

Kevin made a simple carrot and beet dish for his vegetarian dish, which Tom basically called "ballsy." He also made a controversial brisket for his meat dish. It was controversial in that some of the judges thought it was too rope-y, which is exactly what Kevin said he was going for. As a Jewish girl from Long Island (and someone who ate brisket on Thanksgiving instead of turkey), I know my brisket, and I gotta say I sometimes like it a little rope-y, but when something like that is a preference, he probably should have just cooked it as tender as possible.

Finally, we have Jennifer. For her vegetarian dish, she made a chevre mousse dishe that went over very well. For her meat dish, she had to scrap her original idea of cooking the duck and had to confit instead. Tom commented that he liked its "duckiness." When asked if she was happy with her duck as it was, Jennifer admitted that she would have liked to have cooked it how she originally planned. I think she made a mistake there and should have stood by her quick thinking to do what she had to do. Turn the negative into a positive!

Anyway, in somewhat of a surprise outcome, Bryan won! Sadly, Jennifer went home. I thought it was really cute at the beginning of the episode when she was describing the diners at her restaurant recognizIng her and how prod her peers were of her. Although she was probably more inconsistent during the season than she cared to be, she came out swinging and didn't go down without a fight. And remember when you're cooking at this level, it really is nitpicking. I'd be happy to eat at Jennifer's restaurant anytime, and I think she did Chef Ripert very proud. Wow -- I just got really mushy.

Anyway, our final three are chosen, and next week one of them will become Top Chef! Who do you think it will be?

Oh, also, we're having an Ultimate Virtual Viewing Party next week!!! Come to the site during the show (during both East and West Coast airings), and join members of this season's cast, including Toby Young, the Voltaggios, Kevin, and more to Tweet live during the show. I'll also be there to moderate a little, if that matters to you at all. It's going to be HUGE, and I'm very, very excited. You can check out all the details HERE.

Until next week's finale ...