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Ted Allen

The Meal Of Their Lives? No.

I truly don't mean to diminish Stephanie's triumph, here, by mostly writing about somebody else. I love her to death. I adore her food, she earned this win, and she utterly deserves the title. She IS, as Ms. Lakshmi just informed you in that joyf...
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Oink Vay! Porky Pain And Pleasure

No! NOOOOOOOO! The wind got knocked out of many of us, I'm sure, when that camera slowly, elegantly, perfectly panned and zoomed in on Steph's pork belly that got left out of the fridge. Owwwwwwwch. An honest mistake; we've all done it, we've see...
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Trust The Gorton's Fisherman?

This, friends, is what I would call a Chef's Episode. The camaraderie of the Grrrl-Power trio. Tom commanding the kitchen ("You're killing me out here, Richard!")! No microwave rice, no catering, no teams. And a Quickfire that tested a fundamenta...
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Chef Lisa: A Villain Is Born!

Plus: Your questions, accusations, and conspiracy theories, celebrated. But first: Finally, a contestant emerges as the villain! A villain so villainous that her villainy has the blogosphere harrumphing vigorously on behalf of ... Dale? The guy...
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Gone Fishin'

Hey, guys -- can't blog this week. See you next episode. T
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To Slurp And Protect

These Top Chef editors are getting downright Shakespearean -- or maybe it's just Andrew. It actually kinda freaked out my partner, Barry, when Andrew said, "Either I'm gonna stab somebody or I'm gonna make some amazing food." Barry's response: ...
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The Lisa and Stephanie Show

So tonight in the Stew Room, Nikki says to Dale, "You can't point fingers [at] the Judges' Table. You become that guy. They are not going to look at you any better when you do that."...
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