Ted Allen

Ted Allen starts to take the competition very seriously.

on Sep 27, 2007


(Or, perhaps, "The Other Side of Aspen, Part II")

Whoa -- what was that? Sweet mother of God, I think I just experienced an ... emotion ... while watching a reality show. This is creeping me out!

But, you see, at this point in the game, the feelings are really, well, real. We're beyond most of the silly stuff (although I thought that trout challenge was flawed -- more on that later.) After weeks and weeks of torture in Miami, then interminable waiting, then more torture in Aspen (we only torture in the most fashionable locations), to be followed by several more cruel weeks of waiting, the drama for our beloved cheftestants is at an absolute fever pitch. The challenges are serious, they're hard, and they're mostly focused on inspiring the chefs to really do their thing. And any of the final four chefs, now winnowed to three, sadly, would have been a deserving winner.

I had a conversation with Brian after he came so close to victory and then had it slip from his grasp, and he was pretty disappointed -- more than he let on in the show. I feel for him. He's a smart, charismatic guy; a class act throughout this whole season. I know his performance on TC has given a huge boost to an already terrific career. For more Ted Allen, check out his iVillage interview here.