Ted Allen

Ted Allen celebrates the villain, and answers your questions.

on May 25, 2008


Plus: Your questions, accusations, and conspiracy theories, celebrated. But first: Finally, a contestant emerges as the villain! A villain so villainous that her villainy has the blogosphere harrumphing vigorously on behalf of ... Dale? The guy who punches lockers, grabs his crotch while yelling at a woman, and calls waiters "a—hole" during service? O-kayyy.

Personally, I like Dale and Lisa, even though they've both had some trouble keeping their cool, and I think they've both cooked some great food -- but until now, the commentoscenti have been uniformly harsh on both of them. Anyway, I've decided to devote this belated post to answering your questions and addressing some of the more interesting remarks and theories.

Let's dig in: Anonymous wrote: Usually I am ok with the judges' decisions, but you all were 100% wrong to send Dale home over Lisa. Hope someone has a VERY good explanation for this.

Ted replied: Sure do. We tasted the food.

Carrie wrote: Scallops and butterscotch sauce? I cringe just thinking about it.

Ted replied: Me, too. For more detail on last week's decision, see Lee Anne's blog. She's got it right.

D in KC wrote: Spike is, or has been edited to appear to be, a manipulative, malicious, duplicitous liar.

Ted replied: In other words, you're not sure who deserves the credit -- the casting department or the editing staff? I agree!

FanFare wrote: Dear Ted et al. So nobody is blogging this week! That certainly is a cowardly way of avoiding the obvious animous felt by the fans.

Ted replied: That's "animus." And I didn't blog because there was a death in my family on the 17th. Priorities.

Alice wrote: Ted, How could you not write a blog when you were a judge in what you probably knew would be one of the most controversial shows?????????????????????

Ted replied: We had no expectation that anybody would be upset about this decision. Remember, when we shoot TC, the judges don't know anything about the story lines or dramas that are evolving among the contestants, nor do we know which chefs are popular with the fans -- and it's fairer that way. We base our decisions on the food.